Week 1 Day 1 - 36 Miles to Glory

Weather: Clear and sunny, approximately 41 degrees. 

The first walk to set the bar was twice around the block. I resolved to walk one mile of 20 minutes, whichever came first. But then I realized how dumb that was when 20 minutes passed and I was still 1/4 mile from home. So here are my stats according to the app I'm using: 

Distance: 1.03 mile
Time: 25 min 41 sec 
Calories burned: 129 

I feel tired. I don't think I could have done more today, even if I really wanted to. But I don't feel utterly exhausted. My heels don't hurt at all--I usually get cramps up my calves starting at my ankle, but my legs are just fine. My back hurts, for obvious reasons, and I'm a bit winded. But this feels doable. 

Goal: Go for two walks per day by the end of the week. 
2/7/2011 01:01:49

I like this a lot. I am super duper extra lazy. But, I am going to make the effort to follow along with you here. Since I am joining after you made your first walk, I will plan to be one day behind you. Hopefully, I can remember to participate and comment on each of your entries with a note about how your progress is encouraging my own and whether or not I am succeeding in following you. I am very impressed that you have this goal. I am also psyched that you are going to "blog" about it! I can't wait to read your journey :)


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