I could not sleep last night. At all. I've always suffered from insomnia, but I can usually get to sleep by 4. Last night I was up until almost 5. Which was strange, because yesterday I was tired all freaking day long. I took a two hour nap in the middle of the day, I dragged ass for the rest of the night, and I barely felt like doing anything. On the other hand, I did drink 2 diet cokes after I woke from my nap (at 6), so I imagine I pretty much shot myself in the foot there. At any rate, I woke up at 11, and as is my practice now, I immediately got dressed and prepared for my walk. 

It's overcast now, but when I was outside there were more blue skies than not. The temperature was about 33 degrees. I chose a new route today, heading east two blocks, then north a block, and then west. The first three blocks were all up hill, which meant the last 2.5 blocks were all downhill. 

Distance: 1.00
Time: 21:06 
Calories burned: 106

I'm slowly but surely shaving time off my walk. I almost felt like I could handle another turn around the block when I was done. And this is why I prefer going outside to the treadmill. I didn't feel all winded, disgusting, gross, or hot, but I still had a better time. 

The blister on my toe is bigger today. And sore. I'm going to leave it alone for now, but if it gets much more painful then I'm popping it and damn the consequences. 

Addendum: I didn't go for a second walk today because I spent four hours cleaning my house. I worked up a pretty good sweat, though, so I think I'm going to count it as a bit of exercise. 

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