Almost done with the first week! Clear skies today, but it's around 20 degrees, so once again I hied myself to the basement. I decided to try the elliptical today because I thought a low-impact work-out today would be welcome. Holy shit. I barely managed four minutes on that thing! I definitely will use it in the future because it clearly targets muscle groups that aren't currently being used, but I think I'll save it for a few few weeks from now. So back to the treadmill I went. 

Time: 23:00
Distance: 1.00

After I walked, I decided to use the bike, too. 

Time: 6:00 
Distance: 1.00

So with the elliptical, I managed to exercise for 30 minutes today and covered 2.25 miles. Now time for breakfast and some tv watching, then I have a big afternoon of cleaning planned.  

Six days in a row! I am so proud of you :)

I fell pretty far behind, I only had my second day today. But if I can keep it up and you can keep it up, then that four day gap will seem like nothing at all soon!

I am impressed that you can use a bike. My knees burn like fire when I try to cycle. I can only cycle for about 10 revolutions, then I have to stop and cry.


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