I was going to take a break today. I figure one rest day after seven walking days wasn't too unreasonable. But then I checked the temperature and saw it was 52 degrees outside with nothing but beautiful clear blue skies. No inversion layer. No wind. Just a perfect late winter day. So I had to go for a walk. 

Distance: 1.00
Time: 20:00 

There were a few problems today, though. My back and my ankles really, really started to hurt, and a few times I thought I was just going to have to stop and rest. I didn't. I pushed through it, but it was difficult. Frankly, I'm amazed that my time was so good for the day. This week I'm going to push the walk to 30 minutes and see what my distance is. 

My jaw popped out of place while I was walking. I can't get it to go back and my neck is really sore and tight. I'm going to put some heat on it and try to relax. 

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