Week 2 Day 5 - 36 Miles to Glory
The blister on my foot is still massive, but I didn't want to go two days without walking, and it's not as tender today. So I went out for a thinking walk and didn't worry about my time, taking a new route. I went west for two blocks instead of east, then south a block, and then back east and north. I feel like as soon as I can walk without limping, I could easily go for a longer trip. 

The California trip is postponed. I'm very, very sad about this, but I can't control the weather, I don't have a 4WD, and I can't afford to fly out. So basically I'm just going to keep on keeping on here. Tomorrow I have a doctor's appointment, and I'm optimistic about the standard weigh-in. I really, really hope those numbers have gone down. 

Distance: 1.05 mile
Time: 25:00 mins 

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