Today was the much anticipated doctor's appointment. And I've lost 12 pounds! I feel like there wasn't much progress to track in the first week, but I think the picture I take tomorrow will show a real difference around the waist. So that's four pounds a week. I know I shouldn't obsess over numbers, but keeping that in mind will be strong motivation when I feel like cheating. Which isn't often. But it's also a good reminder that if I have the occasional slice of pizza or cheeseburger, it's not the end of the world. 

There are more blisters, but I also have blister bandaids now, so that's good. I'm going to the park on Monday. I hope that I can do a full two miles then. 

Distance: 1.00
Time: 20:00 
2/18/2011 09:28:37


Congrats to you! I am so proud of you for sticking to this and making PROGRESS.

I am having a fail moment myself, but I will get back into. I think I can. I think I can.

You are inspiring

2/18/2011 12:07:52

Thanks! :)

I saw that you haven't been up to walking the past few days. But I know you can do it! People say "stick with it, it gets better" and that always sounds like bullshit to me, but today I realized I was actually having fun. It was in the low 40s, and the sky was the most beautiful shade of blue, and the sun was all golden and low. I barely even felt like 20 minutes passed when I was done.


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