Week 2 didn't have a 7th day because between work and a family emergency, I didn't get a real walk in. I did walk, however. Probably about a half mile, so at least I did something to remain active. But since I didn't measure/time it, I decided not to count it formally. Also I was too tired last night to write up a proper post. 

I was going to skip today. The weather was crappy and I didn't feel like going down to the treadmill. I thought I could probably even justify it to myself. So I did some work and some writing, ignoring the twinge from my tightening muscles throughout the day. But when I realized my feet were swollen, I realized that I didn't have the luxury of missing a day. So even though it was eleven, I changed, put on my shoes, and headed downstairs. 

Time just drags on that treadmill. Since there's no school/work tomorrow, I'm hoping the weather will improve enough to allow a trip to the park. I'd love to make another attempt at two miles, especially since the blister on my left foot is no longer tender and seems to be well on its way to being a callus. 

I did update my progress page today with another photo. Unlike last week, there seems to be a definite difference this week. I was always really shy about photographing my progress, let alone posting those pictures, but now I see that the photographs can be hugely encouraging.  I want to pretend that things like inches and pounds aren't so important, that what matters is reaching my goal of 36 miles and feeling better, but that's bologna. 

I want to look good and feel good. I'm going to focus on both. 

Time: 25:00 
Distaince: 1.01 

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