Today I needed to do laundry, so I carried the load downstairs, put it in, set up the machine, and then went into the next room to do my walk. When I returned after precisely 25 minutes, it was only to discover that I never pushed start! This is the second time I've done that with those washers. I'm not sure what my problem is. Contrary to popular opinion around here, I do know how to do laundry and operate washing machines. Though I guess you'd never know it by how spacey I am every time I try to do laundry. 

At any rate, I decided to make good use of my extra 25 minutes downstairs, and I also did my weight lifting and my core exercises. My feet aren't too sore, and I don't feel all stiff and yucky. Slowly but surely I am making progress, I think. Though tomorrow I have to stop being so lazy and go to the grocery store, since even though our fridge appears to be full, we're essentially out of everything. 

One thing I'm noticing is that I'm really losing my appetite. It's not just that I'm not hungry most of the time--I just had a small bowl of bran cereal in almond milk because I figured I ought to eat something today--it's that I can't think of anything I WANT to eat. Which I suppose is good, in a way. It's nice that food isn't the center of my world. But also inconvenient in a way, because I can't just not eat. But when I already don't feel hungry AND there's nothing I feel like putting in my mouth, it's easier to just say "Fuck it, I've got plenty of reserves." At any rate, tonight I'm going to have a feast of protein. 

Time: 24:00
Distance: 1.00 

Addendum: When Jaime got home, he wanted to go for another walk. And since I really want to up my miles to 2 per day, I got on my shoes and headed out into the bitter wind. I think it went pretty well. I don't feel exhausted, my calves didn't get tight, and I feel like I can easily do this again tomorrow. Hopefully I still feel this way in the morning! 

Time: 24:00 (I know, it's weird)
Distance: 1.00 
2/22/2011 11:58:24 am

I really need to get some non-walking exercie in, too. I have a few video tapes and I keep looking at stuff on the web. Sites that say these specific exercises will make you extra toned extra quick and stuff like that. But the 2 miles a day is exhausting! By the time I get that over with, I don't want to do anything else strenuous, EVER. Gah. I need to get on it. I am so lazy feeling comparing my stuff to your stuff.


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