It was finally nice enough to want to venture outside today. A miracle! It's not exactly warm out there. The temperature is in the high 30s, but it's not very windy and the sun is shining. I decided to alter my route slightly and made a big circle to get a big more distance. I felt the tightening in my calves again, but the bottom of my feet seem to be doing much, much better. The giant blister finally turned into a giant callus and now I don't feel nearly as uncomfortable when I'm walking. I can't wait for the day that I can do two miles without a twinge of discomfort. As excited as I am about the progress I'm making, I wish I could just skip all the sucky parts and get right to the triumphant parts. Where's my inspirational 80s music with driving guitar solos?! I want my sports montage! 

Time: 26:00
Distance: 1.5 

A bit better time and distance wise. Now to go scrounge up some food, clean the kitchen, and run to the store. 

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