Today was a weight training day, so I went down to the basement at 5 so I could get my mile in before Jaime got home. He met me downstairs and we ended up going through the whole hour-long ordeal. Seriously, I didn't hit the showers until after 6:30. 

I was tired and a little bit winded at the end, but I feel pretty good. My muscles aren't too sore, though I expect I will be feeling it in the morning. It's nice though, to work out and not feel like absolute shit afterwards. 

It's supposed to be snowy and cold this weekend, which bums me out. I think it's worse on the treadmill because I'm watching that clock the whole time. I'm deeply aware of every second that's passed. I measure my walks with my phone when I'm out, but I don't pay any attention to the distance or how much time it's been until the end. Time moves much, much slower in the basement. I think that's what is deterring me from doing two miles on the treadmill.

Anywho, the fight continues. 

Time: 24:00
Distance: 1.00  

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