I can't believe I've been doing this for three weeks! It is starting to feel like a regular part of my routine now, and I do have the sense that I'm much happier now that it's a regular part of my life. Like I said yesterday, I didn't even want to walk at all, but in the end the need for that twenty minutes of physical activity trumped my laziness. 

I did hope to be walking further distances by this point, though I feel confident that I can do two miles outside, and as soon as it stops snowing, I'll be happy to prove that. The 1.65 miles around the park goes pretty easily. I'm still looking forward to the 2.5 miles around the Sugarhouse Park. If the weather isn't completely shitty on Tuesday, I think that will be my first attempt. Jaime will be with me, and he's pretty good about keeping me focused on the task. 

Today was weight training day. I guess on weight training day I should just make peace with the fact that I will be spending a full 90 minutes downstairs. It doesn't feel like 90 minutes, though, and I suppose that's a different sort of progress. I remember when I did this in high school, I had a handy worksheet I kept track of all my sets and reps and weights. It might behoove me to start doing that again. Jaime claims he's keeping track, but who knows what he's doing. He's very secretive. 

I'd like to go to the park tomorrow afternoon. It might be a little overcast and blustery, but that's fine. 

I'll be updating the progress page with a new picture and my total weight loss later this evening. 
2/27/2011 04:45:05 pm

yeah, now seems like the time to push yourself a little harder and make those walks longer. I can't believe it's been three weeks and you've been so consistent! If for any reason our walking trip fails, it won't be for you and your effort.
Only 4 more weeks before I come home and we start doing some long walks!


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