Week 4 Days 1 & 2 - 36 Miles to Glory
Oh, I've been absolutely pants at keeping this updated. I don't know, sometimes I just lose interest in things. That's not to say I haven't been walking. I went on two shortish walks on Sunday that may or may not have added up to a mile, but they were nice and the weather was good. Actually the first walk was around my mom's block with her dogs. The dogs were very happy to get out and stretch their legs and smell new smells. Mom never walks them. I wish she would. I think it would do all three of them some good. 

Monday was walk and weight training day. I tried to keep the treadmill at a brisk pace for the full duration, walking at 2.8 mph for the first 10 minutes. I had to slow down due to feeling some tightness in my calves, but I think that shows some definite improvement, since 2.8 used to be my max speed I built up to, not my starting speed. 

Today I took Jaime Sugar House. Now, I thought the loop was 2.5 miles. Maybe it is and we just took the wrong route or something. Anyway, we did do the full loop and it was 1.5. But the nice thing is that by the time we were done, despite the MASSIVE hills, I felt absolutely fine. Like a mile and a half was nothing. I did have to stop once to stretch my legs because they were threatening to cramp. Maybe I need to get more water and potassium? Maybe I should start taking a multi-vitamin. 

The callus on my foot is peeling and there seems to be new blisters forming. That's bad. But strangely enough, when I'm actually walking, it doesn't really bother me. Still, I'm going to trim the skin away and soak it in Epsom salt tonight. 

My weight hasn't really been moving this week, which is a good reminder that I shouldn't weigh myself every day. It'll just annoy/frustrate me. I should weigh myself on Saturdays right before I take my progress picture. On the other hand, when I looked at myself in the mirror, I really noticed a difference today. I did take my husband to lunch and probably got a few more carbs than normal, but I ordered eggs Benedict with Salmon and I didn't eat the muffins or the homefries with it. 

Note to self: Must learn how to poach eggs. 

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