Week 4 Days 3 & 4 - 36 Miles to Glory
I'm slacking off on the blog. I knew that I would, although I do have a valid excuse, I think. Me and Jasie are working on a very big project that's literally getting bigger every hour. That's what it feels like, at any rate. For every one thing we finish, we seem to find 5 more things to do. But we're very dedicated and we're working hard, and we might have something to show for it one day. I hope. 

Today it was cloudy all day, but I decided I needed to get out of the house. I walked an extra block today, bringing my total up to 1.5 miles. Just as I rounded our corner, the hail started. I was lucky that I was so close to the house when it started because there was some pretty hard wind and thunder. Thunder in early March. Very strange. 

My legs keep getting tight/crampy. It happens after about a mile, like I just can't go any further. But I do, or I stop and I stretch and it eases up a bit. I feel like if I had a bit of good weather and stronger muscles I could easily do two miles. 

I didn't work out yesterday. Which means I didn't get my walk either. Mainly because of the aforementioned project. But I won't miss it tomorrow. I need to build these muscles!

Distance: 1.5
Time: 26:00 

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