Week 5 Day 1 - 36 Miles to Glory
Must. Not. Get. Lazy. Must. Keep. Updating. 

On Saturday, we needed something from a store a little over a mile away. So I suggested to Jaime that we should walk down there because I needed to get my daily walk in and I wanted to see if I could have another long walk. It ended up being 3 miles round trip and taking about 2 hours. It was faster to walk the 3 miles in the park because it was all flat, we never had to stop for traffic, and there aren't brilliant little stores or places to eat in the park! Still, it was a good walk, and it made me really enthusiastic about exploring other parts of the city by foot. Sure I drive through these neighborhoods all the time, but I never really take the time to see or appreciate what's around me. It's going to even better in the spring. 

It also made me think about ways I could incorporate walking into my daily life. For example, I'm going to be teaching a class at the library at the end of the month, and thanks to today's walk, I know it'll take me 15 minutes to walk down to the TRAX stop, which will take me directly to the library. That's much better than driving down there and wasting time looking for a parking space. And that's at least a mile tacked onto my regular walking time every day. 

Having said all of that, today was not a good day. I don't really understand why some days everything is just fine and others I feel like I have cement blocks tied to my feet. The tightness/pain above my (now slightly swollen) ankle was almost excruciating. At one point I tried to stop to stretch it but that just made the pain worse, and it still feels tender even though I haven't been standing on it for 5 minutes. It's so frustrating. It's this sort of pain that usually makes me want to give up walking again forever. Of course, I wouldn't do that. 

So I'm drinking a bottle of water, hoping I just need to get more hydrated. Hopefully the various aches and pains fade enough so I can clean the messy kitchen later. 

I updated the progress page on Saturday, so everybody can see what a difference a month makes

Distance: 1.5 mile
Time: 26:00

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