Okay, so week 7 isn't that much different, posting wise. I walked a mile on Monday and 1.5 mile today, with a break on Tuesday. I better walk tomorrow because depending on when Lindy's surgery is scheduled, I may not have the chance to walk anywhere on Friday. It did strike me today how funny it was that 1.5 miles literally felt like nothing to me. I could have gone around the park again, but I needed to get home. It was a beautiful day, though. Temperatures in the low fifties, not a cloud in the sky, the smell of spring in the air. It's probably going to snow for the next three days,to which I say BOO but we're getting through the tail-end of this crap and soon it'll be spring proper. 

So on the one hand I wish I was capable of more. On the other hand, I'm still surprised at how far I've come. 

I wonder if there's a way to find a sponsor for my weight loss. Probably not. But it did occur to me today that if things continue as they are, soon I will have no clothes that fit me. I very sincerely hope that when that day comes, it's when I actually have money. Or I'll have to learn how to sew. Still, of all the problems to have in the 

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