Week Six Day 3 - 36 Miles to Glory
Since the walk on Monday was so shitty, and Tuesday's was so short, and I missed Sunday's, I knew I had to pick up the slack today. It was basically a turning point. If I slacked off today, I'd probably lose all my forward momentum and slack off tomorrow or Friday. Plus I was highly annoyed, and I figured I could get a bit of a rush to improve my mood. I went to the treadmill and started at a slow rate of 1.5. The last time I used the treadmill, I did the same thing and found that keeping the pace steady really alleviated the pain I usually feel. 

So keeping the pace steady, I increased the incline every two minutes from about minute 5 to minute 16, when I hit 4.0 and reached 1/2 mile. I held it steady there until the 20 minute mark and then began gradually increasing the speed and decreasing the incline. I reached the mile mark at 30 minutes and I was up to 3.0 mph and a .5 decline. I pushed it up to 3.3 and jogged for about 3 minutes and then began decreasing the speed every 30 seconds or so until I was back to 1.5. I wasn't really tired and I wanted to get more time and distance, so I started increasing the incline again. I got  up to a jog again for about 90 seconds and then set both to match at 2.5 and held it there until 45 minutes, which was also the 1.5 mile mark. 

My legs never tightened up, and I was sweaty and a bit tired, but not exhausted or out of breath. I actually feel pretty good tonight. Good physically and good mentally. I know I only jogged for a few minutes total, but I think I was like 12 the last time I jogged anywhere. Tomorrow is going to be all rainy and gross, so I'll probably do the same routine. 

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