It's like 20 degrees outside, so though the sun is shining and it looks like a lovely day, I opted for the treadmill in the basement. I really hate the treadmill, and today's experience didn't exactly endear it to me. 

Distance: 1 mile
Time: 30:00 mins
Calories: Don't know 

I think I could have completed the mile faster, but I was faffing around with the controls and walking at a pretty slow pace for the first like 13 minutes. I got up to 2.8 MPH, which I know isn't very fast, but I'm a slow walker, and it's fast for me. I didn't raise the elevation/incline, though. I figure that's the advantage of being on the treadmill, not dealing with the endless hills. 

My legs are twitching right now. I hope that doesn't mean they'll cramp as soon as I stand. I had the great idea of listening to Stephen Fry, and while he's very interesting, I think when I'm on the treadmill I should listen to music. Upbeat, fast music that can carry me through the 25-30 minutes. I shall try to find some today, because I'll probably be using the treadmill again tomorrow. 

I'm so thankful my massage is today! I woke up with an inexplicable pain in the middle of my shoulder and my jaw out of place. On the bright side, except for the swelling in my ankle, which has gone down a bit though hasn't disappeared, my feet did not get all swollen last night. In fact, it was the first time in several weeks that I was able to sit up on the computer until nearly 1 in the morning, instead of being forced to turn in at 11. In a way, this torture is worth the extra two hours of working time at night. 

I think the Celexa is already having a positive impact on my life. I'm starting to feel like my life isn't a a great gray wasteland that can only be tolerated when stoned. At any rate, I cleaned the kitchen and the bathroom sink yesterday, which may not sound like much, but I never, ever clean anything. I hardly ever do anything. 

Addendum: Due to my desire to walk twice a day starting next week, I decided I would add a 20 minute walk on the treadmill tonight, Thursday night, and Saturday night, just so I'm in the habit. Hopefully I won't pay for this tomorrow. 

Time: 20 Minutes
Distance: 0.8 mile 
2/8/2011 02:40:49 am

Somehow, I missed a day. I guess I will be two days behind instead of just one. I am actually not going to try to walk a mile today though. I am going to be walking on campus this evening, and it is a hill up on the way to class and then down to get back to my van. Plus, I went to my co-op today. That was 2 hours of standing and walking and kneeling and lifting. I think it counts as a decent workout.

Keep doing it! I am sorry about your ankle, but happy about your feet. And I am glad the Celexa seems to be kicking in. I take an antidepressant myself, and it makes all the difference.

2/8/2011 07:25:36 am

I saw your post about the co-op, which reminded me that I need to go pick up some food (like you I've just been getting the baskets) and volunteer for a few hours. I'd say that's a great work out.

2/8/2011 05:38:45 pm

this is awesome. I think the leg twitching thing is fine...i always get that sensation after a good walk. It makes me think i did it right. i hope the second walk went ok. I'm glad you have the treadmill as an option for when it's cold outside. you have no excuse. This looks really great. i hope you keep up this pace, and I'm sure if you do we'll be able to start planning our Coleridge walk (hike) very soon! I'm starting my long distance walking training today with a walk around the Roman wall of Londinium. It should take me 2 1/2 hours, and I have a podcast guide to point out the bits of the wall that you can still see. I'm excited.

Love you, keep up the good work!


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