My post is late but I did get my walk in today! I was really feeling lazy and didn't make an effort to do it during the day. Then I was going to do it when Jaime got home, but it was too cold to go to the park and we ended up getting dinner instead. Then we played Upwords, and I did some writing, and at 11:30 I realized I'd better get my ass in gear. I have to teach my body that it can't get away with being lazy. There's just not enough time for that sort of bullshit. 

Anyway, I know I've really got to step up my game. By now I should be concentrating on doing a full two miles a day. I have a massage scheduled for tomorrow. If it's not snowing/windy/subzero temperatures, I might walk. It's only about a mile away, and I think I can handle that easily enough. Of course, if it's snowing by the time I finish my massage, I'll be fucked, because there's nobody to come and pick me up. 

We shall see! 

Distance: 1.00 
Time: 24:00 

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